Friday, August 25, 2017

Marae By Teagan


  1. Hello Teagan. My name is Tamiah. I am a year 6, I am in room 3 and go to Wesley Primary School. I really like the way you have been blogging about the marae. It made think of when we went to the farm, We did all the things that you guys did. Next time try to add more detail and show us more pictures. THANK YOU FOR THE BLOG!!!!!

  2. Malo e Leilei Teagan,

    You used great words there such as Exciting and Hongi, I've never used or in a Hongi, But I do know you cook food, 1 Question was the food yum and explain what it tasted like. I really liked your photo with your friends. I would love to go their but its in the South-Island I'm from Auckland. It's nearly impossible to convince my principle to go their.

    Please have a look and also comment on my blog.

    Alu A!

    Kind Regards,


    Point England School

  3. Hi Teagan my name is Chyrus and im for ptengland i like your new post but you did do a mistake on the last slide but have a good day and good luck on your new blog

  4. Hello Teagan
    Did you want to go back visit the Marae?
    My name is Lotu and I go to Pt England School. I am a year 8 and I love the way presented your work.I like that you put a lot of effort to be a successful work presenter and putting it on your blog. Feel free to check out my blog and leave a comment.

    From Lotu at Pt England School.

  5. Talofa Lava Teagan,

    My name is Anna I am a year 7 student that attends Point England School, I really love your presentation about your class and yourself going to a marae hope you know a lot about the maori traditions and other words you can say in maori, he whakamataku a koutou mahi which mean I really love you work.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    From: Anna - Here is a link to my blog

  6. hi Teagan, there were some words in your writing that didn't make that much sense like the sentence "Then we gone home" you could of used "Then we drove or went home. I just dont think that the word "gone" is that good in that sentence.
    From Dakota

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