Wednesday, June 27, 2018

My planet

My planet
  • Glow up water parks and free food
  • Fun discos at night
  • Rainbow glow worms
Topic sentence
It’s a fun friendly planet
Elaboration (supporting ideas / information)
This is my planet flossy. There’s lots of fun things there to do like rainbow glow worms, glow up waterparks, rainbow rides, And more stuff to do there. Theres also lollipop trees chocolate rivers cotton candy sky.

Concluding sentence


Return ticket, Please! SJ 2.1.00 - 2

I have started a table for you.  Please complete with the differences between Earth and Mars

4th planet from the sun
3rd planet from the sun
No life
No grass
No animals
No food
Less Volcanoes
More Volcanoes
No Water


Return Ticket please SJ 2.1.00

Work in pairs or individually to find information in the text and organise it into a table.  (First one has been done for you.)

Challenges with living on Mars.

Not enough on Mars so people could not breathe the air

Because there's not that much water on mars

You can’t grow any food on mars and you will run out of food if your there for a while

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Mercury  has different features than earth. The colour of Mercury is light and dark gray and the shape of it is not a circle but it is an oval. Isn't that weird? And did people know that it has three separate layers. It's made of Iron and is also rocky and dense.

It takes Mercury a long time orbit around the sun. it takes a long time to make one orbit. It spins really slowly. Is that weird? It takes less than a year ( 88 earth days ) for it to orbit around the sun. It can orbit more than 1 time in a year.

What do people think the temperature is at
Mercury at day time and night time? Well it's colder at night time than day time at Mercury. It’s -173c at Mercury when its night time and 400c at day time on Mercury.

Mercury is the smallest and innermost planet in the solar system. Mercury's axis has the smallest of any of the Solar System's planets (about ​130 degrees). It is not the hottest but closest.

Mercury is the innermost planet in the galaxy.

Mariner 10 is the only person to go to Mercury. He went on a spacecraft to Mercury in space so he could explore Mercury for earth.
This is my drawing of mercury

This is a team effert with my class mate. Kyle Murphy.

By Teagan & Kyle

Friday, May 18, 2018

Solve divisions DLO

                                                This is my Solve divisions DLO!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Tens frame

How to do a tens frame

By. Teagan

What is a tens frame?

A tens frame is where you draw one in your book to help you answer questions. I will show you what a tens frame is.
What does a tens frame look like?
This is a tens frame.
It helps you answer questions
Image result for tens frameDraw the tens frame in your book.
And do + or - in your tens frame.
Here’s an example. 5 + [  ] = 13
And that is how u make a tens frame. By teagan

How to do a tens frame